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Yoga Tree Bay & Dundas Review

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  • Yoga Tree Bay & Dundas Review

    Please leave a review for Yoga Tree Bay & Dundas.

    123 Dundas St W.
    Toronto, ON M5G 1C4
    5/5 Two Yogi THUMBS UP!
    4/5 It's pretty good.
    3/5 Not bad.
    2/5 Could be better.
    1/5 Would not recommend!

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    I've visited this studio a few times for a drop in when I was in the area. It was fairly busy and the classes were pretty good. The reception was nice and greeted me with a smile. The only thing I didn't really like was how strict they were about being early. I got into the studio like a minute late but they refused me to go into the class. I guess I should've been there earlier and I understand they have to respect the other members. All in all, they're a good studio and I would go again if I'm in the area.


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      I joined Yoga Tree a little more than a month ago. I picked this studio because it was around my area, in addition to reading some good reviews. So far I cherish it here. The aura is extremely inviting and the people are lovely. As a student, I spent the initial 2 weeks or so in trying different classes and pretty much anything that was good for beginners.

      My only feedback is that I didn't get much information from the front desk. I was pretty beginner so I asked a few questions and they didn't seem to know how to answer them. I also didn't get a studio tour so I had to ask for one since I didn't know where I was going. Anyway, I think she was a volunteer or something but regardless, she was friendly.

      In general, I have nothing bad to saw about this studio and I appreciate coming here!! But keep in mind I don't really have anywhere else to compare it to.


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        I've been coming here consistently for the past 6 months and I absolutely love it here!!!


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          Stunning!! I just went today and took a restorative class. The studios are lovely, modern, clean, and inviting. I really loved the teacher. She was clear and knowledgeable and had a good routine. I'm just getting back into yoga and there's quite a selection of classes from this studio. I'm thinking of joining their monthly membership.

          When I first walked in, they were really friendly and quickly assisted me. The combo for their locker didn't seem to work but it was still useful.

          I remember going to their other location a few years back and it wasn't that great so this was unexpected for me, in a good way! I really like the way they improved their studios.


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            I'm a newbie and Yoga Tree was the second place I tried, after Hot Yoga Wellness. By comparison, Yoga Tree is far superior, particularly the studioroom and change rooms. Being new to hot yoga I found the teacher to be extremely helpful. I have had probably around 10 different instructors so far in my short journey and I really liked the ones from Yoga Tree. The recent class I went to, her voice was so calming that I really felt like I was in the zone. I would definitely recommend this Yoga Tree.