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Is this considered appropriate yoga attire in Bikram?

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  • Is this considered appropriate yoga attire in Bikram?

    Recently in class, this dude was doing yoga in the front row, more specifically, he was practicing in front of me and he was wearing a thong. I couldn't concentrate and I continued to reason if it was just me feeling this way. I wouldn't generally see any problems if he was in the back of the room but he wasn't and I could see his every move. I felt extremely awkward being behind him. Am I wrong or is it actually alright to wear thongs?

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    Sounds pretty inappropriate to me. I'd look for a new studio if this guy keeps showing up.


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      A guy wearing a thong in class?! Ya, no that's gross sorry. I've been doing yoga for many years and never seen that... although I've never done Bikram. I definitely don't want that image on my mind.


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        Didn't Bikram Choudhury practice in nothing but a short pair of briefs? Maybe that's the Bikram culture? (not saying it's appropriate)