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    I'm completely new to yoga, three days new.

    I've been weightlifting for 4 years and have caused quite a few injuries. I have lower back pain which runs to my glutes/tight hips, I have knee pain, my right shoulder clicks when I rotate it, my shoulder blades cave when I try to do bent over dumbbell flys, and I tore ligaments in my right ankle and it's never fully recovered. So basically, weightlifting now requires a lot of amendments and simplifying.

    My masseuse recommended I try yoga because I'm always complaining about my physical problems and because my muscles are also really tight.

    My question is, how much will yoga help these problems? I've only done three sessions so far (doing a 30 day yoga challenge on YouTube) and I'm finding it quite difficult and that I feel pain in the areas mentioned. I also can't see how it'll help any of these problems. I already stretch daily, doing some yoga poses, and the pains are still the same.

    Does anyone have experience with back pain and knee pain (in particular because they're the most debilitating) and have found yoga to help? Also, do you also do weightlifting and yoga? I'd like to hear from someone who does both.

    Thanks for reading