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  • Suga Yoga Mat?

    I recently found out about this company and their mission to combine the world of surfing and yoga by using recycled wet suits to make premium yoga mats. They had a kickstarter a few years back but I didn't know about it back then. This looks pretty interesting to me. Has anyone tried their mats or know anyone who has them?

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    This is so cool! I'm currently looking for a decent mat right now and I'm going to look more into this. Thanks for sharing.


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      In the FAQ section of their site
      "Just hose it down (the shower works well!) and let the mat's antimicrobial magic work. You can also wipe it down with warm, soapy water, then rinse. SügaMats also like nice warm baths after a hard asana practice - a bucket of soapy water every now and then followed by a rinse won't hurt it."

      Take my money! If only I was in store for a new mat.


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        Nope, I'm not using such. I have more better, which is possible to wash even