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  • Online Yoga Teacher Training?

    I never knew you could take yoga teacher training online since there's a physical component involved in yoga. Aura Wellness Center has an online program called "The Original Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-box" and it's a 240 hour course that includes books and DVDs. The overall cost is around $600, which is much more affordable for me than most training programs. The best part for me is I can do it at my own pace too and in the end, they mail you a certification. What are your thoughts about this self-study yoga training program? Are there other things I should be taking into account before enrolling in this? Thank you in advance. I've added a link to their website for your reference.
    Aura Wellness Center provides best in class Yoga teacher certification courses online and empowers students all over the world to become professional Yoga instructors.

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    I'm still skeptical on how you can learn all the material online. I've actually heard some pretty good feedback on it so maybe I'm just old school. I understand that you can learn a portion of the training online but who is there to help you on your physical aspect of the training? I think I'd still prefer to take the training in person, but there are definitely a lot of pros to doing this online.