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Is 200HR Yoga Teacher Training Worth It?

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  • Is 200HR Yoga Teacher Training Worth It?

    Yoga teacher training isn't exactly cheap so I'm just wondering if taking this teacher training program is worth the money? Becoming an instructor isn't my goal because I just want to expand my yoga knowledge. For those of you who have taken training, is it worth the money? How was your experience?

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    I know many people who take teacher training courses without no intention of becoming an instructor. I actually think more people are in your shoes and just wanting to learn more about yoga and its philosophies. In my experience, the YTT was definitely worth it but I guess the experience could be different for everyone. Look more into different teacher training programs and see if there's any that intrigues you. If you're not in a rush, I'd say to look around and learn more about each program... maybe even going to their open houses to get more info.