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Diving into yoga teacher training too soon?

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  • Diving into yoga teacher training too soon?

    I love yoga and have been doing it for around a year. I keep up with a daily practice and consider myself "intermediate" level. I read a lot on yoga and I think I have a good understanding of the postures and philosophy. I know a year isn't too long but I am thinking of a career change. I'm under 30 and my current management job is way too stressful for me. Yoga is something that I can see comfort in but I need to still make a living somehow. Is it too early to be thinking about pursuing yoga teacher training?

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    It's hard to say whether you're ready or not. I don't know you personally and I don't know your practice, but it seems as if you're making this decision based on your current job. You love yoga, but is teaching yoga the right career for you? Teaching yoga could be a stressful as well and it will be hard to keep that fire alive if you start to lose passion in yoga. If you weren't thinking of having a career change, would you still consider teacher training? Just some questions to consider.