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The 6 Qualities of Great Yoga Teachers

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  • The 6 Qualities of Great Yoga Teachers

    1. Knowledgeable about poses
    2. Helpful
    3. Clear with instructions
    4. Approachable
    5. Warm and friendly
    6. Give adjustments

    What are some other qualities you think a great instructor must have?

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    I read this from Jason Crandell's blog...

    1. Speak up - not down - to your students
    "Treat your students as though they are teachable, sound people who are capable of learning from this tradition."

    2. Be critical thinkers and engaged practitioners
    "I remind my graduates—nearly every day—that they shouldn’t take my teaching as singular or infallible truth. I want them to be critical thinkers. I want my students to listen, test, and experiment. If what I teach my students is true and accurate, it will stand up under scrutiny. If it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, then it’s my job to reconsider and revise the teaching. I want my graduates to have the confidence to maintain this spirit."

    3. Continue to grow and revise
    "Let’s stay up to date. Let’s learn along the way. Let’s be open, honest, and willing to revise our teaching based on our deepening understanding of this tradition and how it affects modern practitioners."

    4. Keep your teaching real and relevant
    "We need to remind our students that doing foundational postures with skill and focus creates a long-term, valuable impact. Let’s continue to build content that is relevant and accessible for our students—not just show the content that is inspirational."

    5. Develop a point of view without minimizing other points of view

    6. Be an advocate for your students
    "I believe that yoga teachers should always have their students’ best interests in mind. And, when appropriate, we should advocate for our student’s wellbeing by encouraging them to find support outside of the yoga tradition."

    7. Do not make prescriptive claims

    8. You are a teacher and you're teaching a subject

    9. Develop a curriculum

    10. You are part of a community

    You can read the full version at his blog here: