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  • New teacher looking for marketing advice

    Hi members of TN!

    I'm a pretty new teacher and I'm having trouble marketing my class. The market seems to be pretty saturated and a lot of students who are practicing yoga already have someone that they're following. I was wondering how you did it when you first started... how do you get people to your class? I borrowed a studio space from a friend who owned a fitness studio and I'm fortunate to not have to spend anything on studio space at the moment. As you can probably tell, I don't have much of a marketing budget. I posted flyers everywhere and shared my class on FB. No one came to my class though so it was very disheartening and I'm lost right now. Does anyone have any good tips or advice? Thank you very much!

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    Hey Simon,

    Starting your own yoga following is pretty difficult but don't give up! First thing to do is to tell all your friends and family! Tell them to bring a friend and their friend to bring a friend. I don't know how much you're charging but you can give them free trials or a donation based class.

    Also, you can try marketing your classes as a series so people have something to look forward to and you can expect people to return to your classes.

    It takes time and patience but I would share my classes as much as possible with my friends and family. I remember going to support my friend who started out teaching fitness classes and a whole group of us went to give our support. It also helps newcomers who see your flyers feel more confident about going to a class that's not empty. Even if it's a class filled with just your family and friends, you can take some pictures to show that people are coming to your classes.

    I wish you all the best. Good luck!


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      Can I ask why you're not thinking of teaching at a studio first? I started out teaching as a sub teacher and that helped me gain a following and also ensures that I got compensated for my classes.