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  • A little rant...

    So this is a little bit of a rant... I was teaching a class today and everything was going pretty well. As usual, I'd walk around and do adjustments even though it was a pretty busy class. I go around adjusting a few people, no problem, then as I was touching this guy's feet, I realized that he had a pretty bad case of athlete's foot and I was touching it with my bare hands. I didn't know what to do and I tried not to touch my face or anyone else the whole session. After class I washed my hands immediately and told the owners to disinfect the whole studio. PLEASE please please if you have athlete's foot, please wear socks or something or go get it treated before coming to a public room with your bare feet. It's not considerate for all your fellow yogis doing yoga with you and you put everyone at risk. Just wanted to share...

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    Yuck! How can someone have such a lack of respect for the instructor and their community.