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Using props in class

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  • Using props in class

    My studio doesn't have blocks or straps in the class. Sometimes I bring my own but I don't have enough for everyone. I personally think it's helpful for some students so they can still do certain postures and feel the stretch if they're not as flexible. Do you guys use props regularly or is it just a luxury? I'm thinking of talking to the owner and seeing if she can invest in some props.

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    I think props are really helpful and it would be great it they have it in the studio rooms. I'm not a yoga teacher yet but as a student, I enjoy having the option of using it if I need. The studio I go to has blocks and straps at the back corner of the room and sometimes instructors will recommend you to use it if you're doing certain variations and can't fully get there yet. IMO, if the studio can afford it then they should have it.