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  • Yoga insurance?

    I was recently chatting with another yoga instructor and we somehow ended up talking about yoga insurance because of an incident she had when teaching. This got me thinking about if I should be getting my own insurance. Is it worth it getting my own yoga insurance or does my studio cover it? And if I should get it, do you have any recommendations as to which insurance company I should go with? Thank you for your help! Namaste yogis!

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    I think it's wise to have insurance. Well, at least it'll give you a peace of mind since you are already thinking about it and hearing stories. Some studios do have liability insurance and some even have insurance packages to cover their instructors. If that's the case, then you probably don't have to get insurance if you only teach at that studio. You probably have to talk to the studio owner about it though to find out about it. If you teach at multiple studios and privately, then I'd consider getting insurance.


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      I was researching the same thing. beYogi wrote a guide on how to pick your insurance. I'm not sure if this applies to Canada but it could help. Here it is!
      What is yoga insurance?​Despite a yoga instructor’s best efforts to teach safe yoga practices, injuries do happen. Students sometimes push themselves beyond their limits, fail to […]