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Taught my first class today!

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  • Taught my first class today!

    Just to preface this story, I'm not a certified yoga instructor.

    I went in to my studio, as usual, prepared to take a yoga class when I overheard the reception talking to the instructor on the phone and that she couldn't make it. It turned out that she had gotten in a fender bender and couldn't make it to the class. The class was supposed to be cancelled so I asked if I could use the room for my practice. Now I've been practicing yoga for many years and many of the students know me so they asked if I could lead the class. I have no experience teaching a class but I decided to give it a try. It turned out amazing (so I think) and some of the members even said that I did really well and should get into teaching. In fact, the studio owner asked if I wanted to teach at the studio as a sub for now and regularly when I get my certification. I never thought of teaching yoga or pursuing teacher training but now it piqued my interest. I'm going to talk to the owner and see if I can get a recommendation for teacher training. Just wanted to share my story!

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    That's awesome! Good job. Way to step up to the plate!


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      It's amazing that you were able to teach a yoga class with no prior training, and a good one at that! I think teaching may be in your blood. I'd encourage you to take teacher training because it will give you more yoga knowledge to teach and also take you deeper into your practice. Thanks for sharing.