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  • Attending other teacher's classes

    I've been teaching for a couple years, and during that time, I have had a home practice, with the very occasional YouTube video. This past week, I decided that in order to improve my teaching as well as my own practice, I needed to return to a studio and learn as a student. I've attended 4 different classes this week from four different teachers, and I'm having a lot of difficulty transitioning back to the role of the student. While I have been enjoying the extra challenge and experiencing other teachers' creativity and unique styles of yoga, I am hyper-aware of the whole class. I am particularly aware of the sequencing, noticing when I could use a twist/different movement in my own body, or how I would have prepared for a pose differently. Basically, I find myself wishing that I could drop more into the practice and get out of my analytical mind. Maybe this varies from teacher to teacher, and I just need to find the right teacher and practice for me? Or perhaps I need to shift my attitude.

    Yoga teachers - what has been your experience of taking classes since your training and since teaching? How do you drop into your practice as a student?