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5 Top Yoga Instructors Reveal Their Most Closely Guarded Beauty Secrets

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  • 5 Top Yoga Instructors Reveal Their Most Closely Guarded Beauty Secrets

    5 yoga instructors, including Seane Corn, Krissy Jones, Hilaria Baldwin, and more, were asked what their favourite post-yoga beauty products were. Some Q&A were:

    As yoga teachers, you spend a lot of time getting sweaty in the studio. What are your favorite post-workout beauty products?
    Heather Lilleston: Rose water spray, daily facial cleansing cloths, and a little mascara to make me feel somewhat presentable.

    Have any good post-workout hair tricks?
    MH: I am a firm believer in only washing my hair 2-3 times per week. I feel lucky because I have a lot of long wavy hair so the dirtier the better! Moroccan oil dry shampoo is fantastic, though, to use after a sweaty CorePower Yoga class.

    Favorite beauty products for summer?
    HL: Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen and Soleil Toujours Perpectual Radiance products.

    Do you use nutrition as part of your beauty regimen?
    SC: I’m a vegan, and I avoid anything that is non-organic and/or harmful on the environment. I have no doubt that my diet has absolutely affected my skin quality and tone, and improved my digestion (which also affects the skin and our overall health). I also drink a high quality super food drink from Purium and take vegan protein pills and B12 daily.

    Any advice for glowing skin?
    KJ: Yoga and water. And I do inversions when I want my skin to glow. The blood rushes to your face and gives you a good flush of color.

    HB: Let your skin breathe. As I plan my week, I choose days when I won’t wear make up to allow my skin to breathe.
    Why these top yoga instructors are all about rose water, the face-flushing power of inversions, chilling moisturizer in the fridge, and other vital beauty secrets.

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    Try out some supplements, because this really could help you with your beauty desires. Im taking Magnolia ( and this supplement has calming effects on your mind and body. I find that it has great synergies with Yoga. I become peaceful like a waterfall when i do both. So try it out, if you think it could help you.
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      Cool, thank you for recommendations. It was intresting to know.